Friday, June 17, 2005

I have questions

I have questions of ontology
Life's blessing epistemy
Is it structure or freedom?
Shaping creating
Lest it let me

I have questions everlasting
The foothold on existence ever shaky
One and one make many
Sex and love escaping

To leak of a natural essence
To fight the absolute resonance
We strive for life's evanescence
Why paint or read or think the relation?

When being and seeing are nothing but curtains
Only for active production containments
Aware of the movement
Tied to the present
Far and before us
To suffer is certain


Blogger J C said...

To suffer is certain. The human condition. We are all suffering, in our own ways, eh?

Why do anything? Why write or paint when all this suffering is around us, is us? Empathy man! You know it!

Are we suffering from being and seeing from behind our curtains? Those curtains are important, almost like the curtains of a stage, to be drawn when the act is complete. Closure.

There are two hypothesis, one of believing and one of seeing, and the latter is closure(Derrida).

As you can see your poem has me twirling. I like the way the first two paragraphs start with I have questions. I imagine one of these paragraphs about the self(I...), and then two paragraphs to talk about states of being would be a great way to write more. I imagine you have many more questions, and many more ways to talk about life, what is.

And also, the writing you did on that drawing of Le Swimming was another smashing example of your perceptions. Keep it coming Artdog!

10:25 AM  

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